Swemet's products are a result of the tools we have needed in our own business for troubleshooting and monitoring smart electricity grids.

Since we work with the industry's leading suppliers, we have the opportunity to offer you the very best products when it comes to communication systems.

MFA 500


We can proudly present the MFA 500, a CAT IV electrical physical layer instrument for narrowband PLC communication. Just as small and handy as the MFA400, but now capable of 3 - 500 kHz. This hand instrument is powerful and invaluable for analyzing current and upcoming PLC standards around the world. And we promise you will like our MFA Viewer 3.0 software. The MFA 500 is definitely the next generation of hand instruments for field measurement and analysis of PLC communication.

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MFA 600

With the MFA600 and the accompanying system program you can see exactly what is happening in the frequency range 3 - 150 kHz for all 3 phases. If there are communication disruptions on the electricity grid, you see when these occur and plan a field activity accordingly.

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Swem's system for automatic data collection (AMM)

Swemet's smart electricity meters, together with a complete AMM system, offer both the electrical utility companies and their customers completely new opportunities. The system collects and processes measurement data that creates the basis for a fully automated power grid operation. Collected information not only provides a basis for invoicing, but as availability increases, less time is needed looking for disturbances and problems, and thus the need for field resources decreases.

Swemet's intelligent electricity meters support all known communication interfaces in the market today, and the communication module can be easily replaced as new technologies become available.

Together with Swemet’s multi-frequency analyzers and the company's other services and expertise, electric utility companies get a total solution that will create added value and ensure satisfied customers.