Swemet is your obvious partner when it comes to complete solutions for AMR operations. With cutting edge expertise and many years of experience, we offer our customers a comprehensive approach to smart metering, from strategic issues down to the smallest cable. Over the years, our experienced consultants have helped countless clients streamline their operations. Give us a chance and we will let you know how we together can streamline and lift your business!

System Optimization


Today, nothing but hourly reading of electricity meters is sufficient. This means that more and more data needs to be sent. This, in turn, places higher demands for infrastructure performance, and this is where we at Swemet can help you.

We can help optimize your system’s collection time, by extending and adapting your infrastructure to meet today's regulations.

One step in getting better performance is to have control over what is happening on the electricity grid, if your using PLC communication. Or ensuring that your antennas have been directionally and radially optimized for wireless communication and RF MESH.

With the MFA500, our frequency analysis instrument for PLC communication, you can see disturbances and interference near your signal frequency. Removing the cause of problem, optimizes performance by being able to remove the repeaters / amplifiers on the power grid that are being used today.

We at Swemet have helped customers optimize their grids in many Swedish cities.

We would be happy to tell you how satisfied our customers are!

Electric Grid Analysis

– with solutions!

At Swemet, we’ve been working with electric grid analysis for power line communication (PLC) since the 1990’s, and we dare to call ourselves Europe's best consultants when it comes to locating, identifying and removing all types of disturbances that exist in electric networks.

Disturbances on the electricity grid affect the performance of all collection systems and we know what the common sources of interference are, what their disturbance patterns look like, and how to best address them.

Do you want your PLC communication system to work at it’s very best? Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we can tell you more about how to make it possible.

EMC Filter Installation

– Interference-free

Our technicians install hundreds of PLC / EMC filters every year to isolate disturbances of various products in the electricity grid. On behalf of electric grid owners, we document disturbances, have a dialogue with end customers and/or product suppliers about our findings, and even supply and install appropriate EMC filters designed especially for PLC communication by Swemet.

We have long experience in designing EMC filters primarily to stop disturbances in the frequency range below 150kHz. We can supply both our own and other suppliers' filters, so that you, as a customer, feel confident that when we are done, the disturbance is gone.

If it’s your product that’s disturbing the power grid, or do you as a network owner have a customer who is interfering, don’t hesitate to contact us! We take a holistic approach to the problem.